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Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

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Exam / Enroll Forms Counter Based Forms D. Ed. Forms
# Application Name/Details Start Date End Date
1. Enrollment Form (9th) - A17 series (Session 2017-18)
  9th Enrollment Form - A17 series 12-Aug-18
  Edit / Correction 9th - A17 series 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
2. Enrollment (9th, 11th), MainExam (10th, 12th) Forms Session 2018-19
  Form 10th 01-Jul-18 24-Aug-18
  Form 12th 01-Jul-18 24-Aug-18
  Form 12th (Vocational) 01-Jul-18 24-Aug-18
  9th Enrollment Form - A18 series 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  11th Enrollment Form - C18 series 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Edit / Correction (Only Unpaid Applications) 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Regular to Private / Private to Regular / School Code Change (Only for Unpaid Applications) 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Edit Relaxation Documents (Only for Unpaid Applications) 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
3. Physical Education / Diploma in Preschool Education Exam
  Diploma in Preschool Education Form-1st Year 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Diploma in Preschool Education Form-2nd Year 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Physical Education Training Form 1st Year 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Physical Education Training Form 2nd Year 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
4. Enrollment (9th, 11th), MainExam (10th, 12th), PhysicalEdu, PrePrimary Receipt Form
  PayUnpaid / Duplicate Receipt
  Nominal Checklist
  Pay Unpaid Application - Bulk 01-Jul-18 24-Aug-18
  Duplicate Receipt - Bulk 01-Jul-18 24-Aug-18
5. School Admission List
  Class 9th / 11th Entry Form 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Admission List Pay Unpaid 01-Jul-18 12-Aug-18
  Admission List
6. Enrollment Card
  Download Enrollment Card
7. Check School Status, Sambaddhta, Manyata Details
  Check Details
8. Result 2018
  View Result


MPBSE Circular 2018-19
MPBSE Revised Fees Circular
Enrollment Form - Class IX
Main Exam Form - Class X
Enrollment Form - Class XI
Main Exam Form - Class XII
Important FAQs
MP Board Division,District & Block Code List-2018-19
MP Board Subject Code List-2018-19
Format For External DElEd 2018

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