Examination / Enrollment Forms
S.No. Application Name/Details Start Date End Date
1. Main Exam Admit Card 2023
  Print Main Exam Admit Card 2023 01-Feb-23 10-Apr-23
2. Exam Main (Regular To Private) Conversion Short Attendence
  Exam Main (Regular To Private) Conversion Form 16-Jan-23 28-Feb-23
  Exam Main (Regular To Private) Conversion Paid/Unpaid Receipt 16-Jan-23 28-Feb-23
3. Enrollment (9th, 11th), MainExam (10th, 12th) Forms Session 2022-23
  Form 12th(Only Court Case School) 15-Jun-22 03-Feb-23
  Form 12th (Vocational) 15-Jun-22 31-Jan-23
  9th Enrollment Form - A22 series(Court Case Schools) 15-Jun-22 15-Feb-23
  11th Enrollment/Exam Form - C22-series/10th Pass/11th Fail 15-Jun-22 15-Mar-23
  सुधार / संशोधन Only paid Applications (9th A22 Series,11th) 15-Aug-22 15-Mar-23
  School Code Change (Only for Unpaid Applications) 15-Aug-22 20-Nov-22
  Cancel unpaid appliction form 15-Sep-22 30-Dec-22
  9th Enrollment Form - A21 series (Late Fee) 15-Jun-22 30-Nov-22
  11th Enrollment Form - C21 series 20-Oct-22 15-Dec-22
  Physical Education Training Form 1st Year 15-Jun-22 20-Nov-22
  Physical Education Training Form 2nd Year 15-Jun-22 20-Nov-22
  Entry 9th Fail Form - A-20 AND A-21 series 15-Jun-22 15-Mar-23
4. Enrollment (9th, 11th), MainExam (10th, 12th), Physical Education , DPSE Receipt Form
  PayUnpaid / Duplicate Receipt
  Enrollment/Application Form Payment - Bulk(With Late Fee) 15-Aug-22 15-Feb-23
  Duplicate Receipt - Bulk 15-Aug-22 12-Oct-22
  Nominal Checklist
5. Enrollment Card
  Download Enrollment Card
6. Main Result 2022
  Supplementary Exam Result 2022 03-Aug-22
  View Result of DPSE 29-Apr-22
7. Check School Status, Sambaddhta, Manyata Details
  Check Details

Important Instruction for Schools
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Important Instruction for Schools
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